Importance of Adding Facts and Tables into Thesis

Research reports are the assignments that you are given during your postgraduate research program. In these assignments, you have to research and write a report based on your work. It should be prepared descriptively.

Students are required to visit places, labs, laboratories, and meet people in order to collect data and information on their area or topic of research. They on the other hand are also required to keep their research report detailed yet interesting. The most detailed a research report is the more chances there are for good marks. A considerable share of final marks depends on how you have written your report.

A well-researched, properly formatted research report lets you bag good grades. Therefore, you should collect information from as many sources as you can. Do maintain the record of what data you have collected. Doing it date-wise is recommendable. Doing so will help you write well-researched thesis paper.

A research report with facts, figures and quotations is considered valuable. The idea, which I mentioned in the paragraph above, that you should maintain a record of your findings on your notepad, will bring loads of appreciation your way. Many university professors advise their student scholars to use facts and saying of famous person in their research report. Some also advise them to quote the text(s) of a previously published work.


How to Put and Highlight Facts and Quotations in Research Paper

  • Use different font formatting. For instance, if you have used Times Roman font throughout your research paper, you can either use a different font for highlighting your quotation, or increase the font size or change the font style to italics.
  • Use tables, charts, and graphs. It is a famous saying that pictures and display media says more than written words. Thereby, you can use tables, graphs, and charts to display your facts and figures in your research report.

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