Tips for an Editor to Edit Your Dissertation

You might be very good at editing, however there are many editing points and updates which even an expert may leave behind considering it as not so important. Yet, these donuts make your editing significant and the edited write-up graceful. So, here come some tips for an editor to edit your dissertation –

Before we start with the tips of editing let’s go through a quick guideline that will idealize your tips further-

  • Analyze dissertation on the logical part and its balance with the entire content right from the first to the last chapter.
  • Adherence and next of kin with the decided title and research questions designed.
  • Suitable content under suitable headings that go along with it.
  • Use of grammar; active and passive voice also past and present tense
  • Length and simplicity of elucidation

Thus, these were the guidelines based on which a dissertation should be edited. Next comes the tips –

  • Review dissertation as a whole piece of work – Keep the university guideline in front before your start reviewing the dissertation. Read the dissertation in context of the guideline that whether expected are followed or not also if the contents are in a central mode of title, proper texts or explanations are written in their appropriate sections?
  • Evaluate each section – Start one by one and pick one section at a time. Read all the contents of the headings in relative to the caption. Does everything is in the same mode and flow also whether to be noticed points are in bold or not? Whether any sub-sections are necessary to be there?
  • Evaluate each paragraph – Paragraphs are designed in such a way that similar contents are to be included in the similar paragraphs and the preceding paragraphs are to be written in the relative context with the previous ones. Usually the first line of the paragraph gives an idea about the entire paragraph and words like “furthermore”, “however”, “in addition to” are used as explanatory words in the preceding lines of the paragraph.
  • Evaluate each sentence and words in it- Go grammatically, check vocabularies and finally proper sentence formation. Sentences should neither be too long nor it should be too short, also very tough and heavy words should not be used that becomes tricky for the reader to understand.

Furthermore, you can claim now that your dissertation is error free and is ready for submission and of course appreciation now.

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