Where to Look for Suggestions/Ideas on Your Dissertation Topic

It can be complex at times to find out the right topic for your dissertation. When you do not have an idea on where to look for right topics, follow the tips given below.


Visit a journal library

Go to a library that has a nice collection of journals and dissertations. In fact, it could be your university library too. Find out some dissertations in your academic area and check the kind of studies mentioned in them. When you go through some journals in your study area, you can actually go through the previous literature that indicates the overall scope of various topics that can be studied. You can gain ideas about the topics that have a wider scope of research.

Identify your research technique and interests

Explore your interest areas and see what motivates you. You should find out your passions first and then go in depth to explore the way you would like to research on them. Some students want to do comparative studies, while others are interested in conducting in-depth research on a topic. See what you like to do and look for relevant ideas accordingly.

Converse with supervisors

You may discuss with your supervisor or professors to gain some fresh ideas on topics of research. Find out what your professors are working on. You may also check about the works of professionals in your area. This gives you novel ideas on topics that have a wider scope in future. Or, you can also take assistance from proficient research scholars.

Check job openings

You may also look for the latest job openings that are currently in demand. This helps you understand the kind of potential employers have been seeking. Accordingly, you may go for a hot topic that can benefit you in the job market too. However, make sure that you are interested in the chosen topic.

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